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Dave and the PPIS Team will help you get your BUSINESS BACK ON TRACK… and KEEP IT THERE:


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Our Philosophy

PPIS has broad experience in Business Leadership, HR management and Personnel performance improvement to call on. We work in the corporate world and the SME market place with much success and are committed to helping our customer’s businesses succeed.

We follow the philosophy that work performance is enabled when the elements of:

  • support
  • opportunity
  • skill (and underpinning knowledge), and
  • confidence (attitude & motivation)

… are all present in a healthy working environment.

We offer effective performance engineering, business coaching and training solutions which provide you and your people with the essential support elements they need, the opportunity to gain the required skills & knowledge, and the re-invigorated motivation to perform the way that really gets results.

We always maintain a customer-focused view in all that we do and we create Precise Performance Improvement Solutions (PPIS).

Companies we’ve worked with:

Happy Clients

“David is extremely passionate about the upskilling of New Zealand’s workforce to ensure the country has the right infrastructure in the telecommunications sector. He is a strong leader with the courage of his convictions, and the practical experience to make a difference.”
Dennis Orme, Leadership Success Institute
“I’m delighted to provide this recommendation based upon the work David and DJC & Associates provided to Telecom New Zealand. David is a “safe pair of hands” and displays a great can do attitude with the delivery of complex training to telecommunications specialists. David was a key contributor to the team and someone who I look forward to working with again.”
Andrew Simes, Project Manager, Telecom NZ
“I worked with David on an assignment to deliver Telecommunications Technical Training to the Cook Islands and was impressed with David’s energetic engagement and his analytical approach to understand required competencies, current state, and subsequent development & delivery of training to suit the need. He was a pleasure to work with and his customers were well satisfied with the outcome.”
Brian Potter, Risk Management Manager, Telecom New Zealand Ltd
“David can accurately identify your needs and requirements very quickly and effectively. His ability to think outside the box ensures that he will come up with the best possible solution for your company. To delight his customers are always his top priority. David is dedicated person that can be trusted.”
Cobus Brand, Transmission Operations Manager, Vodafone
“David is a true professional and dedicated to being the best in his field. The training events that he has delivered to us have been quality products professionally executed.”
Graham Brown, Level 2 PSTN Support, Telecom New Zealand
“Dave is an experienced education professional with a solid understanding of what it takes to make people successful. His knowledge of National education standards through NZQA and ETITO make him a fabulous consultant to work with if you need a qualified and competent workforce.”
Andy Edwards, Director, CommsLearning Ltd